Tarek Youzbashi


About Tarek Youzbashi

The little boy has always been into writing stories, pieces of poetry, and whatever his imagination could cook up. He used to write short stories and show them to his father to read and check for any grammatical or even spelling mistakes. At that time, the white papers were the only window through which the little boy was able to see his version of the world. They were his microphone, his camera, and his intimate friend!


Years have passed by the little boy grew up as well as his quench for writing. He decided to go to university and study Journalism. Unfortunately, the only university in his city did not have a department of Journalism and Media. He did not have the luxury to travel to other cities to study there. He went for English literature as an alternative option as he believed that seeing the world from another perspective would widen his horizon and open his eyes to a new world.


He fell in love with translation as it gave him the chance to be a writer. He believed that a translator is a writer in his own way. He got a master’s in translation and then worked as a translator for many years. He realized that translation has allowed him to become a translator and a journalist at the same time. It was like wearing a double-faced coat beautifully embroidered on both sides.

He hid his dream of becoming a journalist in the only luggage that he brought with him when he landed in Canada. He is now working on gaining the academic and practical experience to become the journalist he always dreamed of.